I'm Juan Felipe Alvarez Saldarriaga, I live in Medellín, Colombia.

I love develop things, especially ideas, giving them a perspective and causing them to shine!, products and applications comes later when I pass ideas into code, I'm passionate about software development and related stuff.

Currently I'm working on create native mobile apps for iOS and Android, also web mobile apps in HTML5, PhoneGap or Appcelerator's Titanium.

Some products I've made in the past were a HTML5 EPUB reader, a LMS in Ruby on Rails, a Social e-Commerce site, a WMS, a web app to customize Adobe Illustrator's designs, a mobile content management system based in feeds, also, I made some Ruby gems, web applications in JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Java, etc.

I ♥

I love mobile and web development, Objective C, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python and Java (well Java not so much :P).


My linkedin, my twitter, my github, my gitorious, my launchpad and my last.fm.


Contact me at mail@juan.im, or poke me at twitter!, @nebiros.